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Absolute Xtract – Supercritical – Stereoterpical – Vape HALF GRAM

Mosaic Citra and other hop varietal terpenes are extracted in our SuperCritical extraction machines. see what we did there… These terpenes are then blended utilizing Lagunitas proprietary hop blend recipes to give it the recognizable flavor profile of a refreshingly delicious Lagunitas beer. Add a touch of cannabis terpenes and youve got AbsoluteXtracts SuperCritical Think Crisp citrusy ale


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Kind House

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by SETarcos
Has consistently delivered with a friendly driver every time.
by davidhut11
Everything I've gotten has been top shelf with quick delivery love these guys
by nataliechristani
I ordered at 8:59 pm and my delivery driver got to me at 9:20pm! He was super nice and friendly. This was my first time ordering through delivery and I will definitely use NGR again!! Thank you!
by jamieh1145
Received my order just under 20 minutes after submitting it. Great cartridges and the pre roll blunt almost matches my own quality ;) keep up the great work!!

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