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Lagunitas – Hi-Fi Hops 1:1

Heineken International’s new non-alcoholic beer features a different kind of buzz for the beverage making company. Each can of Lagunitas “hoppy sparkling water” features either 10mg of THC or an equal mix of 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, for an even more mellow effect. They aren’t the first beer makers to dive into the pot market, but they’re certainly making a splash. 5:5 THC Level: 5mg CBD Level: 5mg Calories: 0 *Per 12 Fl. Oz. Serving


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Kind House

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by spawn0176
always takes care of the customers and product is always fire 😎
by SETarcos
Has consistently delivered with a friendly driver every time.
by davidhut11
Everything I've gotten has been top shelf with quick delivery love these guys
by nataliechristani
I ordered at 8:59 pm and my delivery driver got to me at 9:20pm! He was super nice and friendly. This was my first time ordering through delivery and I will definitely use NGR again!! Thank you!

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