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Lagunitas – Hi-Fi Hops

Heineken International’s new non-alcoholic beer features a different kind of buzz for the beverage making company. Each can of Lagunitas “hoppy sparkling water” features either 10mg of THC or an equal mix of 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, for an even more mellow effect. They aren’t the first beer makers to dive into the pot market, but they’re certainly making a splash. 10MG THC Level: 10mg CBD Level: 0mg Calories: 0 *Per 12 Fl. Oz. Serving


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Kind House
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HiFi Hops

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by Inspireampl
This place has some of the best products around.. I always pickup a few gs of wax and some sativa flowers. Never disappointed, 10/10 would highly recommend this spot. Hopefully see them left coast pods in stock soon.
by creatvguy32
Consistent products, where when you find something you like, you can keep ordering it! IMAGINE THAT! Not a whole new inventory every month. Perfect!
by JackTorse
Used them several times. Always predictable and professional, I’m a fan of the loud and clear line, so I keep coming back.
by creatvguy32
always helpful, great staff.

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